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Regular Laser or Radial


I know this has been beat to death here many times, but I need some advice. I owned a regular Laser a couple of years ago and often felt like I may have been a little light for it. I weigh 165 lbs and just recently turned 60. I am in good physical condition, but don't seem to be quite as nimble as I used to be. Opinions please.

Thanks, Mike


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if aren't wanting to hike a ton go with the radial, you are on the light side for a full rig. what conditions do you usually go out in.


Mike, if you can swing it, get both rigs - at the Masters events in North America, you are allowed to switch rigs during the regatta, so if it's under 15 you'd probably want to be in the full rig and over that you'll find the radial is the ticket.

** Note this rig switching rule is listed as "experimental" but I believe it has been well recieved, especially in New England


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I'd say radial, but as has been noted, at masters events, they are letting people switch back and forth.

This has been very well recieved here in the Gorge as well, especially during summer!