Registration/Title Woes



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Does anyone know of a process I can follow to track down the previous owners of my 14.2?

Previous owner lied about having the title and registration.

I now have a sailboat I can't register because the previous owner had not registered and will not register the boat in Georgia.

So, I can't register the boat and can't get it insured.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I bought my boat about 2 years ago and had to go through a lot of crap too. I live in NC but bought my boat from a guy in GA. The boat was never registered in in GA and it is not required in most states if it is under a certain size and sail only. I had a lot more trouble getting the trailer title straightened out than the boat itself. They don't title most boats down south and all you need is a bill of sale. The boat should be registered as a new boat if it has never been registered before. If you talk to the right wildlife people you will find this out. It is an unusual situation and most of the folks don't know how to deal with it, but it does not have to have been registered by the previous owner because it wasn't required unless he was going to put a motor on it. I only gave $1500 for my whole setup so I never fooled with insuring it.