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I just opened a new website to deal with some of the issues behind chartering at large regattas. While running and participating in regattas, I noticed that there is always a problem with finding enough boats for entrants. Many of the locals are asked to donate use of their personal boat if they are not using it, but how do the entrants connect up with the boat owner? This simple website just makes that connection possible. The simplicity is both its strength and its weakness. I will add more features over time, but with the sailing season upon us, I wanted to get it out there for people to use.
Take a look, http://marinercity.com/charter and of course, it is free for everyone. Just register if you want to post an ad. This attempts to keep out some of the spam. Also, send the info for your upcoming regatta and I will post the event. Have fun!

See you on the water,
Ralph Pombo