Refurbishing 1983 Omega capri

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I am so excited about the possibility to get this boat back in the water, but sometimes I think I am biting off more than I can chew. So far, sail and rudder are in great shape, hull needs cleaning ----major! I ordered shroud lines and my boyfriend said he can make them, so we ordered the line and findings...100.00 less than ordering through Catalina.

Any suggestions on good ropes for the mainsheet, type, etc and the halyard and jib lines?

Also the mast...oh, my..I am worried how easily the the sail will go into the mast. Any suggestions on this?
Infact, I welcome all suggestions. Huge undertaking, but I hope that in a month I will have all good to go!


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I just measured my sheets for you. I'm using 5/16 polyester stay set yacht braid for my jib sheets. It a piece 22'-8" with a girth hitch at the clew of the jib. My main is 7/16" and is 26'-6" long. It is none too long. I have it doubled only at the transom. I do not use additional parts forward although the boat came with the capacity. I call what I have 2 to one, but technically it is much more complicated than that. I may have purchased less expensive line, but I found these at a fraction of the retail price at a used sailboat parts store ("Mini's").
For halyards, I just used 1/4" nylon line (braided) from the hardware store. That may be a mistake. I'm going to ask about "mast pumping" in a new topic here tonight.
I inspected and resealed every single screw on deck and on the floor. I had a problem with rain (and spray?) water entering the inner hull space. That cured it. You are smart to replace the shrouds, I believe mine have been damaged and it would be a disaster to have one part. You would lose your mast and might get hurt by the falling mast. Thanks for that info on purchasing them on line.
My boat was restored by a professional, but even though it was excellent paint and he did a good job, I find after a winter under canvas I get some little blisters and such so I have had to repaint. I would suggest putting off painting the boat if you have a choice.
The rubber seal on the bottom of the CB trunk is probably gone. When you sail in waves you will get some water coming in and running out the back. That is not a big problem but I cured it by building a small pedestal for the mainsheet cleat that covers the aft end of the slot. I can send you my design if you like. More questions? Feel free to ask.


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Thanks so much for your reply! Jim, that Barney post looks great! Thanks for the line measurements, that will really help. I am ordering all my lines.
You are right, I don't want that mast falling, I've had that experience a long time ago, and don't want to relive it! I do remember mast pumping as well. I've had this boat hanging out in the back yard for 25 years, and now I want to get it going again.
I think for my hiking straps, I'll just order 1 and a half inch seatbelt webbing from Amazon. They have 2 inch, but I think it may be too big ...but just by a bit.
I would love to put a swim ladder on, but don't want to drill any holes in the transom. I was wondering if anyone had experience with such a ladder.