Refinishing Tiller and Rudder

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I recently purchased a 1986 capri 14.2. It's in pretty good shape, and I got a great deal on it. Right now I'm working on refinishing the tiller and the rudder. I just finished sanding and varnishing the tiller and it looks like new. Next up I want to sand and paint the rudder, anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? What type of paint should I use? Is there special paint?


Keith: My rudder has a gel coat finish as I suspect yours does. Its hard to match but the expensive linear polyurethane applied by a fine foam roller and smoothed out where necessary with soft strokes of a very fine paint brush will probably do a good job, as it did on a fiberglass boat that I refinished a few years ago. Spraying on regular polyurethane or applying it with the foam roller/fine brush method might be satisfactory. The West Marine Catalog gives some tips on painting boats that might be a good place to start. Dick
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Thanks for the reply.

I'm guessing you are probably right. It appear that it is a gel coat on top of some sort of wood, possibly particle board. What do you mean when you say it's hard to match the gel coat? Are you talking about the color? What if I just sand it all off and then re-gel coat the entire rudder. Is that possible, or worth doing?