Redoing bottoms and rules

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It is said that you can not make a laser hull smoother then the origanal factory finish, that said, I am redoing the hull of my laser since it is a 79 model and in great need of a new bottom, and was wandering the legality of the whole thing. aslo, anyone know if 79 boats were gelcoat or paint. Mine was painted and I was wondering if it was origanal.

Rob B

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All Lasers have a thin coat of gelcoat on the bottom, (around 1/16"). If yours has paint it was done by a previous owner.
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Thanks for the info. I managed to get a hold of the past two owners and confirmed that the bottom was repainted(I live in a very small laser community). As for the article, it helped out in some, but left me wondering what is ment by "You cannot add fillers or new reinforcements."
Is that just for enhansment to the shape, or does that go for repairs as well?

Rob B

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You can not reinforce the hull, (like by adding stringers to the inside of it) and you can not "fill" spots that were created by the manufacturing process. You can fill scratches, holes from dock/boat run in's and things like that. You can sand off the layers of paint added by the other owners, fill any scratches and then repaint if you wish.

I've seen beautifully refinished laser hulls. The key is to use a professional sprayer and a high dollar marine paint. The laser hull is small so you don't need much, but the bottom will look brand new when it's done. I've seen folks try to do a "brush" job, but it never comes out as clean as spray.