Red Rubber Duck good progress!

Mama H Chicago

Mother of sailboats
Made some good progress over the past two days finally removing the hull completely, and sand everything flat. According to the original Sailfish instructions, it’s important to have a consistent bevel on the keel to make it waterproof, Im going to fill in some extraneous screw holes with Thixo (in the nifty new brown wood tone color) and coat the interior with West System epoxy, making sure to leave the gaps for airflow. Then planning to use Thixo where the instructions say to use adhesive to attach the new hull section to the sides and center support. Then going to make a jig for pre-drilling and the hammering my fancy-dancy little silicon bronze nails ;-)
Thank you! I love this boat, and I’m honored to refinish her. I told her owner today that I’m going to construct on just like her, from scratch, as my own. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to this group for all the knowledge and support.