Recreational Sailing (2-up)

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Hey, I am seriously thinking of buying a laser (i currently just race 420). But I am not planning to race it as much as i am going to be sailing with my friends (They have NO sailing experience). and I know that the laser is the most portable and affordable dinghy out there other than an opti which i know isnt 2 up, which is why i am looking at it. but i heared its not too comfy sailing with 2 on a lser for long periods of time... so, What other boats are there that are fairly portable, and inexpensive to run and buy? If you know anyone who is selling them in canada (ontario), i would appreciate it if you dropped me their listing or something.

I used to take my various high school girlfriends out on my laser, never really could find a way to make it work.

Bought a Laser 2 several years ago, and that works much better, easy to handle by myself roomy enough for the miss, and well it has a trapeze and a chute to make things interesting.