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Recommendations on Sealing Cracks in Daggerboard?


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Am new to this forum and joined after purchasing on older Sunfish (1968-69) and have had a fun time refurbishing and sailing her this past summer. The hull is watertight with new drain plugs, bailer, rudder gudgeon, inspection port, bow handle, etc. She sails well and we are looking forward to many more years of sailing here on Cape Cod.
The mahogany centerboard and rudder were in rough shape but I like the challenge of repairing and salvaging things so I have been sanding the surfaces in preparation for sealing and varnishing. This is a first attempt to work with bringing some older mahogany back to life and I am a sucker for a good challenge.
My question to all of you is what is the best way to seal the cracks in the centerboard? As you can see from the photos, they are fairly small and do not extend to the other side. I think that these can be sealed up in a discreet manner but welcome your recommendations.


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Since the cracks are somewhat aligned, they offer a pathway for some major misadventure :eek: !

I'd get an eyedropper, slow-set epoxy, and patiently fill every void to the brim. As the epoxy starts to set, clamp it gently with wooden wedges. (Wood scraps cut like door-stops).