Recommendations for a wooden dagger board coating?

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Looking for the best clear (epoxy?) coating for an original wooden dagger board.

The board is in good shape and existing finish is fine but a little worn, so I just want a new coat that I can add to it and sand. It's original equipment for my boat, so I will use it for racing.

Any specific recommendations would be appreciated.


2 ways to go... either you should sand enough at least to ensure all the loosened aged paint is off.

Epoxy then a UV protection coat.

Mix Mineral spirits, Spar Varnish (UV resistant varnish) and Linseed oil (1 : 2 : 1) and soak that into the wood as much as the wood will accept and a little more. Add more every appx 30 min to an hr to keep it looking wet. When it stays looking wet, let it cure and it will be good for many years.
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Thanks for the reply. There is no existing "paint" it has a decent clear finish over the mahogany, except at the tip. I just want to add a layer or two to increase protection and that I can sand smooth. So the mineral spirits and linseed oil won't sink into anything.

Is regular spar varnish (poly) like this: EPIFANES Clear High-Gloss Varnish | West Marine a good idea?
If you want a nice clear and protective coating I would recommend West Systems 207 clear hardener epoxy.
It dries water clear and won't yellow on you. It has some UV protectant, but not as robust as a varnish.
It would provide a much tougher finish than a varnish though.

Just don't leave the board out in the sun after sailing, hopefully you have a nice board bag to slip it into...