Rebuild information for a Depersia bailer in an older Sunfish


I want to rebuild the Depersia bailer in my Sunfish. I saw a post where it was stated that the seals needed were a Danco #13 35730B and a Danco #95 35875B. Is that right? What size ball should I use? I have seen some post saying 7/8” and another post stating 5/8# So i am confused. I am not close to my boat so I can’t measure the hole in the bailer to make a guess. I found a thread that mentioned the part number for the ball (79332) but that is not much help given the lack of a source for original spare parts.

In the video linked below there is a flat seal that is shown and an o-ring for sealing to the hull. Is that o-ring one of the ones mentioned above or is it another part number?
So I got a better picture of the seals. There are four different seals. In my previous post based on research I was only able to identify 2 of the seals. Has anyone had luck with the other two seals? I also am still stuck on the proper ball size to purchase. Help would be appreciated. I don’t want to swap in a plastic bailer in a nice condition vintage boat.

Thanks. In another thread someone showed that kit does not work with the Depersia bailer, but is for the plastic bailer since 1972. Do you have experience using this for a Depersia bailer successfully?
No, I don't specifically.
Really hope I can find the seals and figure out the ball size. hope someone can expand on the information I provided in the first post.
Really hope I can find the seals and figure out the ball size. hope someone can expand on the information I provided in the first post.
I'm currently using some small 1/2" polypropylene ball bearings in mine with a cut-down hose washer. I'd recommend going up a size as they aren't to small to slip out of the bailer, but they are to small to use them in the newer bailers as well. It was something like $3 for 20 of them when I got them on ebay a few years ago. It'll be a lifetime supply, but I couldn't bring myself to order them from SunfishDirect.

I was able to buy a NOS plug on ebay for $20 and refurbished my own metal drain plug. I've broken three of the plastic ones beach launching at my hose on driftwood I didn't notice and at $70 a pop or $50 if you are lucky with Nautos/Intensity it just is dumb.
Any kit offered today is for the newer plastic bailer (different flange). Your classic alloy bailer will need a thick gauge O-ring, or hose washer like mentioned earlier. The 5/8" dia. floating ball that is offered today will work in the alloy bailer assuming you get the o-rind right, (lucky you still have the "unobtainium" cap)
fwiw there's a plug on thingiverse that's pretty easy to print. it isn't setup for the self bailing aspect though but it's only a matter of time.
I have been hoping that someone had done a rebuild and knew exactly what flat seal washer numbers to get. I think I will try a plumbing supply house and see if they can match it.
I am just going through the same exercise. Found a source for what could work for the inner washer, balls and a replacement bailer to cockpit washer. I will know when they arrive Friday if they fit and then work. If so, I will be happy to help you out as I will have 50 of each of the washers and 100 balls! I need 10 to 12 of each but not 40 or so spares.