Really nice, original 1978 AMF Sunfish Sailboat + 1984 Balko Trailer + Parts

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Here's what I can tell you about the boat and trailer:

1978 AMF Sunfish Sailboat
1984 Balko Trailer
+ Extra mast, sail, rudder, daggerboard and other rigging

I purchased the sailboat and trailer from the second owner in Michigan in
2004. The boat had been stored in a garage for something like 22 of the 25
year up to that point and was in pristine condition. I sailed it
occasionally for about two years and stored it under our screened porch
where it was protected from rain and had a full cover on it which we just
removed this month due to dry rot. So the boat is still in very, very nice
condition for its age. A real peach. A true classic.

The boat is white with two orange stripes across the front and rear deck and
orange coaming.

I haven't sailed the boat in about 4 years, but the sail was in great shape
as was all the other rigging. Unless something dry-rotted, which I think
unlikely, it should be good to sail. I think it has a racing daggerboard
(white), but don't know about the sail.

The trailer came with the boat and does not appear to be galvanized, but it
is painted silver and shows some very light surface rust. I had repaired
the trailer electrical when I first got the trailer & boat, but haven't
tried them since stowing the boat.

I've also got a bunch of spare parts that I bought separately. Mast,
rigging, rudder, daggerboard (maybe 2), etc. I think it may be everything
needed for another boat minus the hull. I'm still digging things out.

I'm not sure what a fair price is since it's a bit rare to find a vintage
boat in such good, original condition. How about $1,600 obo for everything.
I'd be willing to sell the extra parts separately as a single lot.
Hi there. I am very interested in the boat but it is alot pricer than any others I have seen for that model and year (though I understand it comes with an etc sail, rudder, etc. Please contact me at if you are willing to come down in exchange for keeping the extra parts. Many thanks, Stefanie
Im interested in mast, boom, rudder casting if you have all that and is post 1972 rudder casting. Im in Columbia. pm me or hit me at
windzblowin@ the mail that is hot dot com.

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