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Really Nice 1970 Sunfish-Sold 5-17-2020

You'd hard pressed to find a cleaner, more pristine hull in a 1970 version. The chrome rub rail is almost perfect! Has new Intensity sail and new line. Gel coat is clean and only a few normal scratches/scrapes. 1970 didn't have the storage area but this one does. Has a Missouri title and HIN plate.


Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
Beautiful! And a nice price. Based on the triple stripe and storage cubby, it’s a 1971.
That’s a beauty, alright! ‘71 was the last year of the old-style rudder and gudgeon. The sail window was also added in ‘71. The original sail would have the AMF Alcort Class Approved sail label, but this has a nice new Intensity sail. $650 is a great price. People pay nearly that for the DePersia bailer!;)

Cactus Cowboy

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Nice clean boat, and a good price even without a trailer... lemme see, Overland Park, that's a suburb of K.C., isn't it? One of my six remaining brothers lives by Lake of the Ozarks & Truman Lake, but at his age he's more inclined to tool around in a runabout. Anyone else who lives over by the lake would score a nice 'Fish by purchasing this boat. Even someone down by Table Rock or Bull Shoals Lake would score, it's not that far to drive for a good deal on a clean boat. :cool:

Say, OP, were you an F-4 pilot? Or do ya own a Rolls-Royce? LOL... that would make a serious statement, hauling a Sunfish around atop a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Like saying, "I could afford a larger yacht, but I prefer to sail my Sunfish." Put a few scratches in that Rolls-Royce paint just to REALLY let 'em know ya mean business, LOL. I'm still proudly displaying the scratches in my Camry paint, and a colored streak or two from the Minifish hull... :rolleyes:

Edit: Hmm, one could tweak that Sunfish line by going the Dos Equis route: "I don't always sail my Sunfish, but when I do, I cartop it with my Rolls-Royce Phantom!!!" ;)
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lol, no my first sailboat was a Phantom :)

Thanks for the comments guys. The titles done in Missouri before I owned it so I agree '71 but I have no say in it. Maybe I should separate the bailer from the boat? :)

beldar boathead

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You should check ebay, see what a metal bailer is selling for, and potentially sell it separately and buy a new plastic bailer for this one! You'll be rich!