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Cory E. Friedman

For the benefit of those of use whose Kremlinology skills have grown rusty
since the demise of the Evil Empire, could someone please explain what
happened and what it means to us common swabs represented by our betters who
have votes. As Tracy Usher was elected to something unanimously and,
therefore, seems to have the fewest enemies, he might be the one to do it.
A good start would be an explanation of what a "non vote" is. Any of the
District Secretaries in Districts 7, 8, 9, and 10 in which I sail who would
be willing to be a light unto the world can feel free to jump in.


Oh, wouldn't it be so much more educational for our Class if we started with those who lost explaining WHY they lost? Who were they? Minth, Kastel and Schroth? Yeah!