Re rig a laser so that....

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So I find myself in the position of owning 3 old lasers, 2 of them have mast step kits and no upgrades. So I began to think (no good ever comes of this).

Using the existing rudder tiller spars and sail. How could I rig the boat to be a better sailing boat? What would you do??? (#76489 has not seen water in 4 years and I have no takers and am in need a project, its this or it becomes a hiking bench)

examples of this: Change the main sheet arrangement so that the sheet won't catch on the transom. have vang, outhaul and cunningham split and run to both sides so that they could be adjusted from the hiking position easly like a Byte.

I do recognize that this makes the boat something other than a Laser and it will not be legal for racing. This is not a concern as I have a race boat that is only a few seasons old.