Ray Greene Rascal

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very new to this site.
I have just picked up a 14 ft Rascal in remarkable condition for its age, I have looked on this site and in years past there has been some posts about Ray Greene boats, I would like to amass some data on this boat I intend to go through it and repair as nessasery.
1 . If any one has pictures of the original way to rig this boat it would help
2. It has a Ray Greene label low on the inner transom and a small plate on the dagger board housing #7648 can this boat be dated from these indentifires , I could not find and serial # to year lists.
It sails well but I would like it original , for better or worse
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So I found a 1974 brochure from Ray Greene boat works that answers some of the rigging questions, now the next question the Dagger board is steel (80 lbs) on these little dingy's does any one have the pulley layout to allow you to lift and lower this behemoth
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