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It is so frustrating to be shopping online for a used Sunfish and the ad does not state it's year.
And....when I ask for the year, the seller responds...." I don't know".

I then gently explain where they can find the hull number.... some will still answer....." Yeah, I don't see it".


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U.S. boats (including Sunfish) built prior to 1971 weren't required to have a serial number.

One of my mid-70s Sunfish has no number on the right side of the transom, and some strange number professionally-embossed on the left side! :rolleyes: But it gets worse...

Some sellers don't realize that the Sunfish emblem on the sail doesn't necessarily make the boat a Sunfish! :confused:


Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
You can generally tell the vintage by some of the features- I find that most people have only a rough idea of age. Diagonal stripes fore and aft? Hull ID on transom or aluminum tag (possibly missing) from deck? Old or new style rudder? Does it have aft compartment in cockpit? Plastic or metal (DePersia) bailer? Aluminum trim or rolled edges? Do a thorough check of pics or boat itself and the year can be determined. More important is the overall condition, weight, and new vs old style rudder (since upgrading to new will cost another $250 or so plus a project)