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i know colie held on to a bunch of mk5s... i think they only have north ones left tho, and im pretty sure they're selling them for more money than they used to be.
i dont think they have many left though.
MkV vs Mk6

This is what PSE (UK/Europe Supplier) has to say about it:

[quote:9bad6a4d15]The design of the Laser Radial sail means that it works differently from the standard rig sail. Because of the panel design and cloth orientation the cunningham is not effective in pulling the draft forward and flattening the sail. The leech is closed and will not readily open in response to gusts. Very high cunningham loads have to be applied to the sail to effect adjustment to the sail shape, which accelerates the ageing process. The tight leech is exacerbated as the sail ages and the draft moves back. Working with our sail makers, small changes in the sail were tested to try and achieve a more gust-responsive leech and better control of the draft without gaining or losing speed around the course. Small differences in the panel shapes in the back part of the sail produced a far more responsive sail, which was a lot easier to de-power. Most significantly, after ageing the leech continues to be as gust-responsive and the draft does not move back so quickly. Larger corner patches were incorporated to eliminate some of the stress lines and give greater support to the relatively lightweight cloth in high stress areas. Modern straight batten pockets were also added to eliminate the problem of battens cutting through the batten pocket stitching. The sail area is unchanged.
The result is a sail that will de-power more easily with increased durability, without sacrificing performance around the course. The sail is more sensitive to vang and outhaul controls offwind, and smaller sailors will find the rig easier to manage. It is felt that sailors will easily adapt to this small difference in technique. [/quote:9bad6a4d15]

In the club radial fleet, some have the new sails but the new sails haven't effected who wins and who comes last.
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Do you think a radial sailor weighing 145 would have trouble keeping the boat up to speed with the lighter 130- 135 sailors in light to medium breeze?

Would I be better off with a new mk 5 if i can find one or will it even matter?
Does anybody know if a sail is faster?

Also is Hyde better than North MK 6 radial sails because their more money?
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Does anyone out there know which sail is faster for a guy weighing in around 145lbs? mk5 or the new mk6?

i am debaiting on buying a new sail from Coilie Sail but i have noticed a lotta of purple cornered sails im guessing these are the new mk 6's.

i want to be as fast as possible!

unwind and downwind
if your 145, you could possible slip into the standard class. however if you want to stay with radials i'd reccomend the mk6. i've been racing with it all summer and i have seen no signs of aging at all. she is very easy to handle and you just fit right into the groove.
Both sails have blue corner patches if you get them from the right supplier. The differences don't really effect your sailing, more the racable life span of the sail. It won't make you go faster, or at least if it does, the gain will be inches which you will lose as soon as you take a single wave wrong....