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My race sail which was new to me but used in a couple of regattas by the previous owner was stolen this summer. Therefore I am looking for a sail in excellent to very goold condition that I can use in regattas. FYI, the stolen sail had number 98659. Any help appreciated.
Sorry to hear that Andy, you've had a run of bad luck this year eh.

My sail number is 98617 and is also near new but has seen little use this season ;)

I'll be sure to stay on the lookout for 98659.

I have a Hyde I bought in late July 2009 that I don't need. It's in great shape and has only be sailed for five days. It's clearly a fast sail as I had wheels in the last regatta I used it in. $350 is the asking price.

Email me if interested. geoffh437 at yahoo dot com
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