Expired Race Sails?

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Looking for halfway decent race sails with windows for next season.
Next year my youngest wants to try racing and I would like to switch to a race sail on my boat.

I have gotten just good enough to find my recreational sail is just slow enough and trys to hard to turn into a strong wind that I cant compete against all the racing sails. Just for a friday night adult fun race competing against 40 to 60 year olds that have been sailing since they were like 8. This year I was able to stay with the other racers, but just could not keep up. Plus my older son's boat already has a racing sail and he can beat me just because. So I need to fix that... :)

This is a no rush thing as it is getting kind of cold here in NJ.

Normally, racers would replace an older sail with a new one every so often and perhaps sell the older one. Unfortunately, with the lack of new (legal race) sails, that option is less available right now.
Already have a bid on one sail. Figure I have all winter. Just thought I would ask here too.
If you're not racing in a class sanctioned event, order one from Intensity sails. They're $125 and will be more than sufficient. A used/retired race sail will not be any faster than one from Intensity.
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