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Race-ready 2009 Laser in excellent condition with trailer


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For sale: race-ready 2009 Laser (195883) in excellent condition with trailer. Boat is fast.

Boat history:
2009 - not used
2010 - used for one regatta
2011 to 2012 – used for three regattas
2013 to present – used for one regatta​

Sails: One North full regatta sail, one North full practice sail, one Intensity full practice sail, two full length Rooster sail bags and pipe for rolling

Rigging: All rigging upgraded to single braid dyneema for cascades and single brain dyneema blend for cleating lines. Downhaul utilizes two Harken 29mm T2 Soft Attach blocks. Outhaul utilizes one Harken 18mm T2 Soft Attach block and four Harken 16mm Micro blocks.

Blades: GRP foils, Acme Black Diamond tiller, 48” Acme Fatso Jr tiller extension

Compass: Laser Nexus Compass 360° Card and deck mount

Extras: Kitty Hawk trailer, Seitech dolly, bottom cover, windex

upload_2017-11-28_17-50-37.png upload_2017-11-28_17-51-34.png upload_2017-11-28_17-53-49.png upload_2017-11-28_17-55-12.png upload_2017-11-28_18-1-58.png
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Rob B

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Good morning. I'm co-secretary for the district. Would love to see your boat stay in the Carolinas. Can you e-mail me with your contact info so I can share on our district e-mail list. I know several people looking for a quality used boat! This looks like the total package. My e-mail address - rbowden707@gmail.com