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Been racing keel boats since 1984, currently have a 40 footer that needs crew to sail, because of this I am missing too many windy days, I have sailed Sunfish in the past while vacationing in Mexico and totally enjoyed them so I decided to order a new Sunfish Pro from Vanguard. Delivery will be about 4 weeks, can't wait. The ocean is cold up here (Victoria, British Columbia) so a wet suit is next. Big wind, big waves, should be awesome. Looking forward to picking some brains after the SF arrives.


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Welcome to the forum! I have a sunfish just for the reasons that you state. I currently own a 25' and a 38' and sometimes it is nice to just quickly put the sunfish overboard and take a quick sail. Just this past weekend I was sailing it in 15 knot winds in 2-3 foot seas on the Chesapeake Bay and had an absolute blast. You are going to love it in big wind and big seas! I did change some of the main sheet rigging over to Harken to help with the added pressure of higher winds, made all the difference in control. Have fun! :D