Question on Replacing Traveler

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im looking to replace my rotted wooden traveler bar with one of the aluminum ones from hall spars. Anyone know how the traveler bar mounts to the boat? I am over an hour away from the boat and would like to have all the tools I need when I go.

The traveler bar base is attached to the boat by 2 bolts, I believe 7/16 nut. The traveler is attached by through bolts, about 8, to the bar base. Getting the traveler off is very easy, just need a Philips Head screwdriver and a socket wrench (7/16 too I believe from memory, I would bring 3/8 & 5/16 just in case). Depending on who worked on it last, the bolts could be either Flat head or Philips. Not a difficult job for just the traveler, but if your replacing the base you will need silicone for the holes below the bar and in the underside. Access to the bar nuts is through the cockpit storage.
Some people use 5200 to attach the bar base with the bolts. I have heard both good and bad, but I recommend using 5200 for the bar base, (A little heat on 5200 with a hair dryer loosens it up if you get stuck). VERY IMPORTANT DO NOT use 5200 on the Traveler should be just bolted on. In addition, it is preferable to use wide washers for the through bolts connecting between fiberglass at a minimum. Its tight inside where the bolts for the bar go through the fiberglass, the cockpit wall can be very close to the bolt, which minimizes the washer size. I would look at it first before buying the washers.

Screw Drivers: Philips and Flathead. Medium size
Socket wrench 7/16 - 5/16 size
5200 (recommended but not necessary)

Good luck with your job. The new traveler bar will look and perform nicely.