Question on Centerboard Rigging

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I bought my C14 used, and it came without centerboard. I bought the centerboard, but the hull didn't have the proper centerboard mount, it only had the slit through which it slides in place. I have always used it WITHOUT the mount, and without any rigging, so it simply sits in place and moves irregularly about, obvioulsy causing unwanted impacts on my sailing.

I want to rig it up properly and also instal the proper mount, however, I live in Argentina and can't easily buy official parts. Can someone show me what the proper mount looks like, and how it's rigged, maybe by sending me a picture, or a diagram that someone may have from a manual?

I really appreciate any help!
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Centerboard Brackets question

Warren, thanks for the figures, they're very helpful. I am going to try to have a blacksmith make them. Could you tell me what sort of metal they're made of? How thick it is (in millimeters), and if they are very heavy? They look like stainless steel, is that right? Please reply to if you can.
Thanks, Daniel

In the event you haven't finished your plate pins, the Male pin is 9mm wide by 200mm long, plus 2mm for plate thickness and welded on back of plate. Female receiver stud is 12mm OD/10mm ID by 201mm length, plus 2mm for plate thickness and welded on back of plate. I'm no engineer, but perhaps someone can confirm, or call me crazy? lol Buenas suerte, y saludos.
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Centerboard Bracket Studs (length)

Gracias Goodsteel.

This all sounds fine, EXCEPT, that you say 200mm in length for one and 201mm for the other. Do you mean 20mm and 21mm, Just from how this call comes together inside the centerboard hull slot, I figured it was about 2cms, which would be 20mm. In my hull the centerboard slot is only 31 mms wide at the mounting point, which would comfortably allow a 21mm stud, + 2mm of metal plate, (total 23mm) through. I could never get a combined 200mm into the slot. Am I right, or am I getting somethign REALLY Wrong?

Thanks, Daniel
Correct on the correction! Please forgive the musician in me, I'm no engineer, obviously! Where in Argentina do you live? I've been to Buenos Aires, and it remains my favorite city in all of the Americas. Craig
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cordoba and buenos

The pictures of my boat are taken in cordoba where I have my home and live near a lake. But, I've been living in Buenos Aires for work reason for the last 24 months. I miss my boat, my home and the lake though, and go home and sail whenever I can.