Question about rigging line and extra parts

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Hello, first time post here. Our neighbors donated a Laser to us down in Baja. It needs to have the mast base repaired. I've bought the kit from Diversified Fiberglass and will install that kit later this month. I am not much familiar with Lasers, or sailboats in general, but I'm going to learn!

Here's my question: I'd like some recommendations for extra parts I should take down to Baja with me, things like extra line or rope, pulleys, etc. I don't know exactly what is missing on the boat (although it comes with all the basic parts- sail, rudder, etc.), and I won't know until I get down to Baja. Marine stores in Baja will be some distance away. I was thinking I would buy some rigging line and other smaller stuff and fly it down to Baja in my luggage. I would like some recommendations on the type and length of rigging line to purchase here in the US, or any other small parts that folks think I would likely need.


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Perhaps this helps: Essential Rigging Guide It gives you an idea about the parts you have and what you need. Line-wise: I think it's best to contact the guys at West Coast Sailing. They have all lines cut to length and sell it as a bundle: West Coast Sailing

Caveat Emptor and perhaps other sellers have the same deal in their webshop.


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Grant, if I were in your situation, I'd go to my favourite local chandlery and buy a few boatlengths of both 3 mm single-braid Dyneema and 5 mm high-quality double-braid polyester rope. Add a few small single blocks, and a swivel for the vang, and you can build highly satisfactory recreational-level control systems.

When you get to the boat, take some pictures of it and post them here so we can give some more detailed advice. Do you know how old the boat is?