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PVC pipe for sail and spars storage

Kevin Pierce

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I'd like to add a piece of PVC pipe to my trailer to hold my sail, booms and mast. IIRC, the original Windward Leg/Malcolm Dickinson trailer called for 15 feet of eight inch PVC, while the Bruce Cattanach version called for two, 15 foot lengths of five inch PVC, with a slot cut lengthwise for the gooseneck to slide into.

Am I right in assuming that the two pipe version carried the mast in one and the booms/sail in the other?

What's the smallest pipe size that would hold booms, sail and mast together (with or without a slot for the gooseneck)?

And is the white PVC the way to go, or are there cheaper alternatives?

Thanks for any input.



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Hi Kevin,
It's got to be the 8", because I made a 6" tube out of vinyl flooring (cheap on sale) and it has to distort to cover the gooseneck. (I strap my tube to the deck, supported by three sections of one of those really fat pool noodles.)
Hope that helps.
(Disclaimer: I'm new at this so if anyone else chimes in, listen to them first. )
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I have seen Malcolm put two sets of sails on the spars in a single tube on his trailer. It was a very tight fit, but doable. Bruce can only put one sail in each tube. He removes the portion of the gooseneck that goes around the mast to fit the spars in the tube. Many prople cut a slit in the end of the tube for the gooseneck mast loop to stick out instead of removing it.

I think the masts are in the tubes with the sails in both cases, but I am not 100% certain.


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What about this, At the end of the tube where the gooseneck would be, cut out a section large enough to accomodate, then glue in a pvc cap , make sure it fits tight and covers up the opening and you will have a nice secure watertight tube to protect everything. Whadayathink?

Kevin Pierce

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My initial information was incorrect: Bruce Cattanach's trailer http://www.cattanach.org/sunfishtrailer.html uses two, SIX inch PVC tubes (not five inch).

Bruce was kind enough to reply to my query:

I put the mast in one tube and the two spars & sail in the other.

You need the two tubes to store the gear unless you have a larger tube.

So I guess I have to go bigger than six inch diameter if I want it to hold all three spars and sail...