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b.matt said:
I tried applying a vaccum to the boat no help. I really thought that would do something. I guess it's time for the inspection ports. Any advice on wich ports are the best?
Thanks for all the help
You are really in for some work with this boat. 225 lbs. is approaching a worst-case scenario. drying it out may turn out to be the easy part - you then need to fix it so it stops leaking. And drying it out is likely to take all winter!:p

Given how deceptive the ad was for htis boat, despite Soggy Bottom and others claiming you need to live with this, I think you should go back to the seller and point out that the boat is 100 lbs more than the ad said.

You paid the absolute highest justifiable price for a boat that old if it was in perfect shape - and it isn't even close. I really think buyers need to beware on ebay,and this is a perfect example of why. But all that said, the ad was wrong and it does not hurt to ask for some relief.

The screw-ins are OK, but if installed in a curved part of the deck, they can be difficult to unscrew, even if you bolt down the port frame. They are not particularly watertight compared to the pop-ins, but the difference isn't a big deal.

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I have six-inch ports and never had any trouble screwing them in or unscrewing them. Before I put them back in I coat the gasket with petroleum jelly. That makes them watertight and easy to turn.

Also, the Beckson's have a very stiff frame which do not deform when attached to the deck. Use alot of sealer around the hole and the screws.

I have put in and used three sets of these on three Sunfish with great success.

The hardest part is finding all the leaks in the hull.

You are right on: water does always win!
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I spoke to the previous owner last week. He said he felt bad and would get backt to me. No return call, I really thought he would have been descent about the whole thing, guess not.
Matt, as I said before...I'm afraid that the only recourse you have available to you is negative feedback. I hate to say this, but you fell into one of the many pitfalls of ebay (and I say this with experience as a buyer and a seller). Bidding frenzies happen all the time, and the mistake was paying a high price for a boat you were unable to inspect in person. Check ebay now and you will see people bidding on Sunfish, and the prices are going way beyond what I would expect to pay for a boat that old. I guess it is the nature of an auction. Sometimes well-meaning people set their caution aside when the bidding gets hot. It may be hard to accept, but...the seller can not predict how much that boat sold for. It could have gone for the $200 it should have. Timing, the season, and so on, all play a role here. This is what happens in auctions.
As I said, you could post bad feedback, but so what? Someone who sells a boat is probably only an occasional ebayer, and does not care what the feedback says, unlike say a parts dealer with a reputation to uphold. Next time, the seller just creates a new identity, and sells something else. The seller's refusal to return your call gives you all the answer you need. This will probably leave a bitter taste in your mouth, but there's nothing to be done but dry it out. I can't even think of a way that a small claims court could change the outcome here. It was an auction, and that is what happens occasionally. The decent thing to do is for the seller to refund you about $500, and we all move on. I seriously doubt that is going to happen, because "caveat emptor" is a fact of life on ebay. I'm really sorry this happened to you, and nobody wants to be the example in a "don't let this happen to you" scenario, but it is what it is. Check it in person, be knowledgeable, and negotiate a fair price. Leave ebay for stuff that is less subject to deterioration or neglect. I wish you the best.
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Go sailing.

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Hey B.Matt, You should have bought that Sunfish from me on Long Island. That was a great boat. We actually put ours on a scale and it weighed 135 lbs. Sorry you got stuck with a heavy one. You should be able to dry it out with a little work. Have fun sailing!