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Hi, is having a protest flag legal?

I’m talking about a flag, jammed into a capsule, taped to the boom with a ripcord

If so, do all regattas accept them? Or is it interchangeable?

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i know that during some protests there is alot of speculation as to "did you actualy call protest", and on the protest form there is a question "did you fly a protest flag"... so i figure just get one for the hell of it.


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I don't use one, luckily my yell is loud enough that half of the fleet hears me when I call protest/starboard etc.

I'm pretty laid back when it comes to protesting somebody though, only protested twice this season.
I have a protest flag, but i only use it if some one doesn't do their circles even after i yell at them. I know that you don't need one, but it is one of the questions that they tend to ask you when you are in a protest, so it is nice to have one just in cace and to prove that you did protest.
If a member of a protest committee asks you if you displayed a flag while racing Lasers, they are clueless as far as the rules and shouldn't be on the committee
yeah all you have to do is hail* protest and ask the person if they heard you. if they dont do anything tell the race comitee most likely theres someone around for a witness.

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I used to have a "wiffle ball" flag. The flag was stuffed in a wiffle ball that had the bottom cut out. I tied the wiffle ball the the gooseneck end of the boom. It was easy to access.

iain_CAN165061 said:
"I’m talking about a flag, jammed into a capsule, taped to the boom with a ripcord"

more specificaly.... fore of the fore-boom block, and aft of the vang key hole
49208 has it right. You do not require them. Flying it proves nothing. The only thing valid is hailing protest. While you reach for your protest flag I will gain 2 more boatlengths on you. See ya at the bar.
The question is about a protest flag. As being an on water judge and jury, it is the length of the boat that defines the requirement for having a protest flag. Where you store it is up to you, but as one reply indicated, he will gain 2 boats lengths while you grap it. The flag must be a flag, there are a number of cases that define what the flag should be like, from size and shape.
Having said that for a protest to be valid, the word "protest" MUST be used. It is a requirement as per the rules. "Do your turns" does not count. Having hailed at the earliest opportunity is one of the test for a valid protest.