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I picked these up over the summer with every intention of restoring them, but I just have too many projects going on right now. The boats, as well as myself, are located in Portland, ME.
  • Alcort hull. This was in a boat house that Collapsed this past spring. About 2/3 of the deck is separted from the hull. Needs quite a bit of work, but it's more than salvagable. The bailer and such are all in good shape.
  • Solid hull with red deck. This one is probably usuable as is, but there is some pitting on the hull. This one is from the early 70's, but I'm not sure of it's a genuine Alcort. The deck was painted red before I bought it.
  • Mast and sail. I believe all the hardware is there. The mast is in good shape. The sail is one of the rainbow variety, and it's faded. As best I can remember there aren't any rips or holes, but I haven't unrolled since I bought it.
  • Rudder and Centerboard The hardware is all there. The keel is missing one lip on the side. The rudder/tiller only has the lower part. I was going to just use these for templates to make new ones, but you might be able to get away with just refinishing them.

I'd like to get $275 for everything, but if need be I could break up the parts if there was enough interest in everything. I just don't want toget stuck with two hulls and no hardware. I attached a few photos but I can take more upon request. Feel free to give me a call (603-817-one five three eight) or drop me an e-mail with any questions. Thanks!

how much do you want for the sail and or the booms ( do you have the upper and lower booms ) how much do you want for freight on the sail and or the booms shipping to Pensacola fl 32504
I am from Fryeburg Maine and I would like to come and see them!!! Where are you located? need the masts and equipment with hulls though!!!
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