Project Boat - New Sunfish Owner


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Hello guys and gals,
My name is Steve and I am new sunfish owner from NC. I have always wanted one and came across one this past week that is in good structural and seaworthy shape, just needs to have some maintenance to the rigging and the sail. Anyone willing to offer some advice or a little help to begin with would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !!
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Download the free rigging manual and parts locator from Vanguard ( This will give you a starting point to help you get set up correctly for recreational sailing. Wind Line Sails ( is a source for parts and has a Tuning Guide for more advance set up along with repair help. APS ( is also a parts source and has a line guide that many find helpful. Read the older topics here and over on the Yahoo groups sunfish_sailor. Also check the SF Class Home Page (Tips and Tricks) and Bishop's FAQs (links from here on the first page). For history and some other tips on racing, get a copy of the SF Bible. Not all info in it is current, use it as a guide and check the ISCA rules on the class home page. Now is a good time to go over your boat and figure out what repairs and upgrades (if any) and maintainence it will need (re-varnish the wood, replace the lines (recomended if the boat is more than a few years old), patch sails etc.). Last suggestion is to find a local sailing club, even if they do not sail SF,they can help you out. I belong to a club with about 30-40 boats of all kinds (Buccaneers, J-Boats, Y-Boats, Lasers etc) and there only about 5 SF in it and we all have fun. Good luck.