Pristine 1972 Laser for Sale - $1800

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1972 Laser, in excellent condition. This boat has probably been sailed 30-40 times in its life, and has been in covered storage and not used since 1986. The hull is race ready – no dings or scratches to speak of, and no sun damage to the gelcoat. Hull and deck are firm – as new. The daggerboard and rudder are fiberglass, smooth and without dings of any kind. Carbon fiber racing tiller included.

There is a new M sail in its bag and mast included, never used. Also has an original mahogany dagger board. Carry sack for dagger board, rudder and battens included.

I bought this boat in Alaska from a guy who used to occasionally sail on Big Lake north of Anchorage. The sailing season is very short in Alaska, hence the limited use, with 90% light wind/drifter conditions. I then went overseas for 11 years, and the boat went into storage. Returning to Houston, I never had the time to use it, so it has continued to be stored under cover.

The sail is old but still in good shape – as is the rigging; spars are perfect. If you are a racer, you will want to update the rigging to current class options and buy a new sail. Trailer not functional – included for free if you want it. Local pickup only - I cannot transport this boat for you. More pictures available via email if you are interested.

Tim Lane


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I have one, see the attached. Unfortunately it is tough to take pictures of the hull unless the light is just right. It is essentially smooth and featureless, as there are no scratches. I can try to take more pictures and send them to you if you'd like.


Looks really nice! Is a bit more than I was looking to spend though, which is not to say it's overpriced!!
To see if I can justify this, I am asking the collective wisdom of this forum what the M rigging/sail would be worth if I sold it...probably not much as it was never very popular???
Anyone in Houston in need of a trailer, I don't need one either;)
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Hi LaserFever,
Just to be clear about the trailer, it is what I would kindly call 'a project'. I was the original builder of this trailer, which has a foundation of an open frame Coleman trailer. I replaced the tongue with a nice heavy steel extension and built a plywood box on top to support the Laser. When it was functional it was much nicer then the standard trailer, as the box completely protected the boat from any rocks etc., and it has hinged doors where you could store the sail, rudder, etc. But time has taken its toll and it needs a lot of work. The wheels and wiring/lights need to be replaced, and it will need a stiff wire brush to get rid of the rust and spray paint job on the frame.

If the buyer doesn't want the trailer it will likely end up in the dump, unless I can find someone who wants to salvage it. So I'm not asking any $$ for it - it's a freebe included with the boat if you want it...or not!~)

hey, you're ruining my trailer sales campaign!;);):p
Just kidding, I know the trailer comes with it for free... I have no need for it as I have a house on the lake
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