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Primer Coat , Should I thin?


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I am using Rustoleum's Marine primer and I am having trouble getting a smooth coat. We are using a foam roller and trying to smooth out the edges with a brush. I live in California and it is 80° today. The primer is drying so fast it's been very difficult getting anything resembling a smooth first coat. Should I thin it down with mineral spirits? The directions on the rustoleum don't seem to be clear if it would be a good idea or not.

Also, should I wait a full day between sandings?



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I see that I didn't read the instructions closely enough. Apparently I can then up to 5% with mineral spirits.


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I work with Rustoleum Boat products in Maryland. Depending on the humidity where you live, it can take up to a week to really "harden/dry".

They are good paints and affordable. Thin as needed. Patience with the roll and tip. You'll have a nice finish.

I am painting the bottom hull on my O'Day Daysailor with Rustoleum Ablative later this week.


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For others who are mathematically-challenged, 5% would be a ratio of 1:20. (I think). :confused:

Xylol can also be used as a paint thinner. (And turpentine, too).

Not so long ago, some ablative paints (TIN") were so poisonous to the saltwater environment, they were banned world-wide! :eek: