Price for 1986 Sunfish?

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Going to look at a 1986 Sunfish this week and wondering what a fair price would be. Says it has been sailed about 10 times in its life and stored inside. Has rainbow sail. Just boat with all parts included,no trailer.
Sunfish prices vary around the country. An older Sunfish sold on EBay recently went for $1350 in the Minnesota area. That boat would be pricey here in New England. The 1986 would sell for about $950 in good or excellent condition here in NE. To get more than $1000 it would have to be a newer boat with the rolled deck edge. I sold my 1981 with a trailer and new sail for $950.

That's my opinion anyway.



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If the boat has been sailed that little, it should be in pristine condition, including the blades.

If so, I wouldn't mind paying as much as $1500, considering that the current price of a new Sunfish is more than twice that amount.
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