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prevent daggerboard loss


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With only a few sails in each summer over the last 2 yrs. in MT, I’m still new to my older classic Laser. I’ve been able to recover my capsizes so far with some effort. I am concerned about my dagger board coming out when the boat turtles away from me. It never has, and I have a bungee, but I would like to know how to put it back in if it comes out. Is there a good way to get leverage because I don’t have a lot of upper body strength? Do the M brakes and help prevent the board from coming out if turtled for a while? Do the brakes make the board harder to adjust? Thanks for any tips!


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The centreboard doesn't come out of the case when the boat is turtled. Ultimate reason: it floats! To completely disengage, it would need to be as heavy as water... and it isn't. It's remotely possible that the board slides out if the boat stays capsized for slightly more than 90° for a while and if the retainer is disengaged. Even then, the brake most likely keeps it from coming out before hitting the water.
A sufficiently fresh and tight brake won't make the board essentially harder to adjust.