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Preparing to crew after retirement


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Greetings folks,

Okay, so I'm a year away from retiring at age 58. I've owned two 16' daysailors in the past and have sailed many times while on vacation. So, I'm looking at options for gaining "certifiable" training via schools in order to build my resume so I can start working as a crew member several times per year doing sailing-yacht deliveries. Does anyone have suggestions regarding a top-notch sailing school in Florida, California or elsewhere in the continental US? Regarding finding a "skipper" who can use a crew-member... any suggestions on websites to look at?

Any and all input would be appreciated!


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I can't suggest any schools but you might see what opportunities are available through ASA's sailing social networking app in your area. Go Sailing App - iPhone/Android I think it will really be in the networking and meeting people to get the right referrals, so maybe a local yacht club would be a good place to start.