Practice sails for local racing

You can't buy squat with a million anymore ...
Actually that is not the case at all. In the UK we have come to appreciate the value of such sums. For example, a million could be used to pay one banker a bonus for a month (ok, maybe just a week or maybe a junior trainee banker a bonus for a month). Over here we could use it to help contribute to pay the expenses for a few MPs (but only a few and only the more frugal ones). Sack the head of some public funded organisation for failing to do his/her job and such a sum helps fund their "pay-off". When e.g. a Police Chief resigns early before his contract has finished, you need to find the money to pay him compensation from somewhere and a million certainly helps.

There are many uses for such sums, except to achieve much you need a lot of similar amounts, preferably at the same time - which is where our government steps in with taxpayers money .....

I would suggest that you allow only one make of the training sail to be used during club racing. I think this helps keep things level and prevents discussions about which make of training sail is better.
at the club level anyone who makes a stink about someone using a replica sail probably needs to work on their technique (and attitude?)

the sail doesnt make that much difference, and anyone who thinks theyre being cheated at that level should just get one themselves.
I would have reasonable doubt, to permit the used but unfolded sail that is offered at the following link "here" , to permit for local racing event if I would be at the RC. Nonetheless it looks "cool"/interesting ;) BTW: It's a serious and actual offer at an online marketplace for private offers at the Netherlands...