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Powerhead (Intensity Sails) or Rooster 8.1


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Outside North America
I am looking for the large "Powerhead" from Intensity Sails. I've just bought a Laser, but since I am 6'5" and well over 220lbs I was planning to purchase a bigger sail. I had not decided on the Intensity Sails powerhead for the Laser or the Rooster 8.1. Rooster had a "not in stock" on their rig on the site. After inquiry it turned out that they will not produce the Rooster 8.1 in the foreseeable future. Then the Powerhead from Intensity Sails. Nowhere to find on the site: they have stopped making the sail altogether.
Points for the US though: answer in 1 hour, Rooster Sailing took 10 days.

Does someone have either sails on offer?