Posting Your Regattas...A fun thing!!


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I may have spent five minutes putting up the Easter Laser Regatta posting. I am not too good with this computer stuff so...Maybe two of those minutes were spent figuring out how to do it.

Sherri had to send me a note telling me I screwed up the month and dates but she had already fixed that and we had a nice email exchange.

In the first 23 years I have been shut out but....One of these years we will have the NA Secretary and family at my regatta. Maybe five years, or ten, but sometime!! We will have a boat and a chocolate bunny whenever that secretary shows up!!

My point?? Sherri is not a psychic. She can't post a regatta unless she has SOME REASON to know you are having your event. If you would just do that five minutes and post whatever regattas you can post, the rest of us can find out and come play with you!!

Please stop right now and post one of your local regattas for 2006.

It is not a secret worth keeping!!!

Tell us or we will continue to torture you!!!

Right now!!

Quit reading this and do us all a HUGE favor... Now!!



How's the prep going for the Easter Laser Regatta? It's coming up soon. I saw that a semi loaded with beer was stolen in Wisconsin, and wondered if that was you, but naw, you are stocking up on chocolate bunnies, not beer!

P.S. to others: My regattas are posted. Are yours?