Posting Photos to TLF

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Are we supposed to be able to upload photos to the forum? I tried to attach a small JPG and I get

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2414593 bytes) in /home/laserf/public_html/includes/class_image.php on line 2360


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One way is to use a photo that is already on a website somewhere. click on the little yellow icon with mountians which is displayed above the composition rectangle.

You copy the URL from the photo and paste it in the appropriate spacce on what springs up when you click on the above described icon.

Make certain you don't have http:// show twice in your address line

And...To get any photo from almost any website, just right click on that photo and click on properties. Copy and paste the url from that properties page.



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I will look into the error right away. It is better to host your pictures on the forum instead of off site. Off site links can and do go down and often have bandwidth restrictions that turn the picture into an ad for the image service. I will respond when I have a solution to the photo problem.



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Well, it looks to be working now. Extremely large files may cause problems, but for me it generated a GUI error and not a server side error when I uploaded a file that was to big. Let me know if you have more problems.
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OK, the problem was the file exceede the pixel size limitations, even though it was only 35KB in size. Once I scaled it down to 1024x768 it uploaded.