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Post-Olympic 470 Equipment


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I have stored several campaigns worth of equipment since the Games concluded in 2012, and would happily sell any bits and pieces, or even fully race-ready boats. I have:

two Mackay 470s, 2008 (used at Beijing Games) and 2010 (spare boat for London Games)
6 masts
5 spin poles
dozens of main/jib/kites in varying stages of new-used
assorted parts: washers, screws, goosenecks, etc

Shoot me an email regarding what you would like, and we can work out a fair price: Sarah.g.lihan@gmail.com.


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Hi, I saw your post at sailingforums.com, and I am looking for an affordable 470 to introduce my 14 year old son into sailing. The stuff you have, sounds pretty "new" for my budget. But, doesn't hurt to ask: how much would you be able to put a boat together for us?
Alex Valente