possible new rig?


Ross B

found this over on SA. It has probably been posted here before, but the pic is perfect

This looks a perfect idea of what the next generation sail could be, and it uses existing mast and boom!

please discuss



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judgin g by whre the fellow is sitting and the size of the waves, I would imagine this rig would kick a Laser's butt in light winds

I wonder if it can be depowered in a blow?
Please count me out - I race laser for its simple one design concept. I have had a raft of high tech, Great fun but a different challenge and fill a different need. If that's what you want I suggest you look at a whole variety of interesting designs that already offer it!

I have said before on this site - the Laser fits a perfect and popular niche that we mess with at our peril.

By all means copy the Rooster example and start a new class - 8.1. I don't welcome the reduction in numbers sailing the 'Original' but you can't ban competition. What I think is unfair on 90+% of Laser 1 owners who race is making a fundamental change to the class! (No I don't include the addition of additional purchases)

I have no problem with the other rigs, radial and 4.7, but neither do I want to sail one or race against one on or off handicap!
wow - if thats using the original mast and boom then it must have a fair bit more sail area with that square roach....... would be a handfull in a blow!
Nothing wrong with full battens, they are usually faster. Most cat's have em, and if you want square head mains, or high roach, you gotta have em

Merrily, here's the link: http://www.sailinganarchy.com/forums/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=59253
From what I saw racing all summer with bytes who have almost the same sail it is hardly faster and really only pays off in light winds.

Also my head was next to full battens on the whole ride up to cork so I have some hate for them. They take up way to much space and are a hassle when putting them in or out.

Its not worth it. I am up for a new sail but not if it changes the boat that much we might even have to get all new systems to move them in heavy winds. IF ITS NOT BROKE DON'T FIX IT! Lasers work for a reason... changing everything on it is plain stupid. Also keep in mind you would have to put on weight to be completive and you would also spend more money on the sail forcing them up higher then they already are.

My 2 cents.
Full length battens on unstayed rig that bends like a laser? That's a seriously expensive piece of sail technology. The battens would really only be stiff sailcloth. Might work as long as you don't pull on the vang or cunningham.
I have one question...WHY? I agree, make a better sail, it's a POS, but don't do this. If you want a modern rig that is at the leading fore-front of technology sail a Int. Canoe, Moth, 14. If you went to that sail plan, it would be around 700 dollars for a really good sail, and the thing would just make everyones lives sooo complicated. Plus, this sail is significantly bigger than the existing sail area. So, you would probably have to make a new rig to accommodate a sail plan that is equal to the current sail area limit. That's gonna run you another grand. So, all in all, complete waste of money...

i agree, this is an overkill solution that will only benefit a few individuals. i think we have all come to an agreement that the current Laser sail needs to be improved with a heavier cloth and lower pricing. Ross's example is some steroid fueled design that would sit better on a foil or skiff. shouldn't we be trying to give the Class a focused argument on fixing the current sail, knowing that there is a chance that it could happen?

Ross B

I just threw this out there as a possability, this is the only other attempt at a re-design I have ever seen. And I beleive that the sail uses the current rig.

The person probably only made a sail or tow, but at least someone is doing more than sitting behind their computer


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Geez! What is the size of that sail? I'm not opposed to change in the Laser class, but that's pretty radical. There are people who like to tinker with their boats, and TimClark pointed out several good classses for doing that. However there is no reason to make the Laser class one of those classes.

Ross B

The thought is that as we all know, most of us are unhappy with the current full rig sail, and the rest of them. And we would just do like the Byte and MegaByte, and redesign and replace the sail.
Just wondering:

1. what's the sail area?
2. ok it looks cool reaching, but what about going upwind?
3. same spars?
4. looks like a expensive solution, we are paying 700 euros here in europe for a crappy sail, that would be way too expensive.
5. Somehow, it doesn't look like a laser.

Still, kudos to them for trying to figure out a solution or improvement. Indeed, a kind of trails asking for design solutions to improve the boat may be a good idea, it has been done in other classes before.