Porpoise II mast needed

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I recently acquired a Porpoise II without a mast. Can I get some dimensions on that mast so I can fabricate one? I know it is 2 1/4" in diameter but need to know what hardward goes where on the mast to raise the sail. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Bob


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The block at the masthead was a tiny Wilcox & Crittenden but, otherwise, my Porpoise II mast was identical to the Sunfish.

That block eventually failed :confused: leaving me to re-rig—far from land :eek: with a plastic cable-tie. Now I carry a stainless-steel cable tie in my repair kit. :cool:

Because a new mast is so costly to transport, I now have four Sunfish masts to sell to folks in desperation. (Brought by a friend from the manufacturer!) Not this winter, but about April—check back—and I may be able to save those transport fee$ for you.
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I would be very interested in acquiring one of your spare masts. What are they made of and what kind of hardware goes on them? Is this something we can fabricate? Can you supply a picture of the working parts of the mast? I am assuming it has a pulley up top but not sure what else would be involved. THanks for your response.


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In April, I'll be returning to New Hampshire, where the masts are located.

('Could be a "hike" for you). :(

If you're on a budget, a broken mast can be repaired readily, and perhaps shipped cheaply by FedEx or UPS. (Photo of a "sleeved" mast repair, using a new—and free—steel Meineke tailpipe discard, appears here as an attachment).

The new masts I have are of standard aluminum manufacture, and originated from North Carolina. Distributors can be found in several states on the Internet. Because of their 10-foot length, they must be shipped by truck, which adds 40% to the cost of a new mast. :confused: Check here with Alan Glos for a used mast in the "upstate NY" area.

You'll need a plastic cap for the bottom and a standard [round] cap for the top—if they're available; otherwise, use the [better] Sunfish cap. (No pulley needed). Advertisers for such accessories—such as APS—appear on these pages.

The Sunfish cap will eliminate the need to drill through the mast for a 1/8" hole to mount the tiny eye-bolt needed. The original eye-bolt was made of brass, and would have eventually been a second failure, as it showed much wear. If you must stay "original", I'd go with a stainless-steel eye-bolt as a replacement.

Theoretically, you still need to drill two (tiny) holes for the Sunfish cap, but that cap can be glued-on instead. :cool: