Poll: how many adults comfortably on a 14.2

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How many people can sail together is often a question for any boat. This is even a more important consideration for a smalller boat.

How many people can comfortable sail on a 14.2 (not for racing, just for enjoying a day sail) ?

solo? 2? 3? 4? more?!

Share your opinion and experiences. Happy Sailing! :)
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In my short experience (two times out now), the first time out was with three adults and a golden retriever in light winds, worked fine. Next time out two adults and two kids with stronger wind, a little crowded. So I guess a lot will depend on the wind conditions, although I'm still experimenting (and learning).

3's Company - 4's A Crowd - 2 Adults/2 Kids is better

In light air I've had as many as 4 adults on my C-14. 3 is a lot more comfortable and as the wind picks up it's easier to to keep the boat flat by moving two people to the windward side of the boat. I heavy air with 4 keeping the boat flat is tough.

I my opinion the C-14 (for daysailing) is perfect for two adults and one to three small kids. This is why I bought my C-14 it is great on the weekends with the wife and kids but still gives me sporty racing performance with two adults.

If you are looking for a daysailer for 3 or more adults I would suggest a Hunter 170, Capri 16.5, or something similar.
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re: 3's for company (comfort level)

I absolutely agree that for 4 people the 14.2 is too small. That is why in fact we sold our JY14 (Hunter 140) and now have a Catalina 16.5. We sail on 89,000 acre Lake Texoma which spans into both Texas and Oklahoma and our summers are HOT. It is not uncommon at all for it to be over 100. So when we go out, bringing LOTS of water, grapes, plums, a soda or two is an absolute MUST. We don't stay on the water once our DRINKING water is gone. We therefore bring a decent size cooler or often two, to have plenty of goodies. The 16.5 allows us to do this, as well as bring a bag with towels, camera, sunscreen and all that jazz.

The 16.5 sails just as much fun as the 14.2 but has more sail and room inside. In the next weekend or so my buddy is coming up from Dallas with his 14.2 and we're going to go out sailing together. That should be fun.

I wouldn't recommend to a new sailor to take the 14.2 out with 2 other adults until he/she feels comfortable sailing the boat. Just my 2 cents worth.

Happy Sailing!

Les & Iris
Sailing Catalina 16.5 ANTSY
on Lake Texoma in OkieLand
8 adults max

Bring as many as you want as long as the boat is floating :D We've had as many as 8 adults on board, 5 on the high side, 1 on the bow, and 2 sitting low in charge of cocktails..... bring a couple bottles of rum and when the first two are gone that means we've reached the half way mark and it's time to head back. I usually plug the transom holes so we don't take on too much water. It's a fun boat, but I don't recommend sinking or flipping it with that many people on board.

Cheers, Jim