Pole Launcher......

Looking for that edge at the Nationals? Did you ever line up some better sails than the old Norths? Anyway, you're plenty fast enough without a pole launcher... I'll check the old Capri book and get back to you.
The Shadow
Hey Brian,
On page 4 of the "Capri 14.2 National Association Class Rules and Specifications, Jan 1992", under 3.1 "GENERAL" ......
"Unless specifically stated as allowable or permitted within these rules, deviation from the original configurations, materials, demensions, locations, component parts, fitting, hardware or control systems, as stipulated within the rules and shown on class specifications Drawing 1 through 4, are not permitted."

Also, page 3 of same under 2.10...
Use of elastic, cord or strap, shall be limited to the following:

(a) Support of hiking straps (not as extensions thereof).
(b) Tiller minder (tiller to hiking straps)
(c) Forepeak hatch holder.
(d) Securing personal gear.

I would have added a polelaunch years ago otherwise. Oh and a continuous traveler to mainsheet.

Bummer. Oh and way to kick B%#t on my wife and kids , etal, this weekend in the triangles!

Richard (MBYC)
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I Did FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! get new sails, however as it apears our capri will be on the market soon:( it will include everything including the norths.