please pick up, please kick up

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Last night was like Cristmas eve.. Hoping the winds would kick up and hoping to sail on labor day..

Winds from the South atm @ 9mph.. Scattered gusts..

she loves me, she loves me not.

Did your Christmas wish come true?

I had Friday off, and looking ahead at the forecast, no day really looked too appealing this weekend, and Monday was a high probability of rain (it finally did in the evening). I decided to try anyway on Friday mid-day, even though wind speed forecasts were light, about 5 mph. I trailered my Sunfish up the lake of choice, only to find completely calm air - the flag nearby wasn't moving AT ALL.

Since I was there, though, I figured I'd put her in, and see if the wind picked up at all. It didn't. I drifted and floated around for a while, occasionally getting a slim bit of hope as the wind would randomly flutter across the sail. After about 45 minutes or so, I just gave up and paddled back it. Very frustrating.

Hope your Labor Day (weekend) was more kind to sailors.
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Nope no sailing..

I stayed home and watched a documentary on the trans texas corridor.. (trans continental super highway, NWO, wtf?)

texas and the country is being sold to the highest bidder..

i'm pissed/:

spread the word.