Please help - outboard motor mount

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Partially hang the bracket?


Since your transom is also hollow, what do you think about devising some way to partially hang our mount over the top of the transom?

My fiberglass is very springy like an oil can on both sides of the hollow transom where the bracket would go, so I am concerned that the sides of the transom will not be able to hold the weight of the motor.

It seems to me that the top of the transom is more solid and can bear more weight. When I clamped the motor down on the top of the transom it seemed pretty secure (but of course it gets in the way of the traveler).

Maybe figuring out a way to bolt the bracket through the transom AND hang the bracket over the top of transom would be best. What do you think? Let's keep communicating and see what we come up with!

Transom Woes

My brother has a 27 ft Hunter and is quite experience with fiberglass, etc. I will be meeting him, my other brother and Dad on Lake Erie tomorrow for 5 days of cruiser sailing. My Dad was a plastics engineer and a Sunfish and Butterfly racer in his day. I plan to get their advice on this whole subject and will tell you what they think after i refturn.

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Hi Craig,

Thanks a ton for asking around, I could use as much advice as possible.

I just remembered that you have an electric motor, so you don't even need to worry about issues like the weight of the motor.... Thanks again and have fun sailing!

Factory Motor Mount

Finally remembered to take my camera to the lake. This is how we mounted the "factory" motor mount. Notice that we flipped the brackets inward so we could put the motor further away from the rudder. Up or down the motor doesn't interfere with the traveler. I don't see any problems with the brackets facing inward. Hope you find this useful. I've never loaded photos like this.

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Pics not there

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your help, your idea of placing the mounting bolts to the inside of the bracket sounds great. Unfortunately the pictures did not make it to your posting. Would you mind emailing them to:

Since it is going to take 6-8 weeks to get a new factory mount from catalina direct, I decided to buy the generic one that Garelick produces. I think the mounting bracket on the Garelick is not as wide as the factory mount, so I think it will not interfere with the tiller.... but any pictures you could send me could really help me out.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

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Reinforced transom works!

I want to thank everyone who helped me with this project. It was very scary drilling holes in my first boat, but everything worked out better than I expected.

I tested it over the weekend - the motor sits out of the way of the traveller and my hollow transom did not budge! Before this project, the weight of the motor would make both sides of the transom spring in and out like an oil can.

The solution I chose was:
1) Custom cut, sand, stain, varnish, and adhere 3/4" marine plywood to either side of the transom. I decided to miter the edges so water would have a better chance of dripping off the plywood
2) Drill 2 new custom mounting holes in the Garelick mounting bracket, allowing the bolts to live above the port seat

For those of you that are interested, here are some pics -- I must admit that I am HORRIBLE at caulking, but I guess all is well that ends well.

Thanks again to everyone!
-Chris Davia


Great Job!

That looks great, Chris! You should have been a ship builder. :D
It just shows that with a little research and careful thought
a guy can ususally overcome obsticles very nicely. Congratulations!
P.S. Aren't thoses little Honda 2hps super!
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Honda motor

Thanks for your compliments - I definately had fun obsessing over something other than work!

It is funny that you asked about the motor, I just dropped it off at the shop for servicing. I'm not a happy camper right now.

I purchased it one month ago, and since picking it up from the dealer, I've only used it twice -- about 15 mins each time. I did not have a good experience either time. For some reason it leaks quite a bit of oil from the back underside of the case, and after running at 70% throttle for about 15 mins it starts winding down, almost like it is running really rich and about to stall, and then a large, smelly, dark cloud of exhaust fume emits around the top of the motor! I lowered the throttle to get back to shore, and when I pulled my motor out of the water, I noticed a lot of dark, chalky soot around all of the ports.

According to the dealer it is possible that they put too much oil in it, but I don't buy that excuse -- I can see an air bubble way up towards the top of the gauge, I think the oil level is fine. The dealer thinks that I am transporting it improperly, but I am lying it down on the side that has the extra rubber, just like the manual suggests.

I've never had an outboard before, so maybe I am over-reacting and maybe I should just wait for it to break in, but I feel like the longer I sit on this the harder it will be to assure them that this is not something I caused.

I know that Honda makes a really good engine -- this outboard makes us a 4-honda family (two cars, outboard, and a lawnmower) and I'm sure it will work out well, -- before it starts choking it is really great, but I can't help but feel a bit pissed off, the thing cost more than my boat and trailer!

I Think Your Dealer is Incompetent, but Right!

Hey Chris! Sorry you are having problems with the OB. Your quote: "According to the dealer it is possible that they put too much oil in it, but I don't buy that excuse -- I can see an air bubble way up towards the top of the gauge, I think the oil level is fine.'
If you look on page 16 of the owners manual it shows the minimum and maximum levels in the sight glass. If there is just an air bubble way up towards the top, it is definately over filled causing oil to get in the cylinder (not condusive to optimum combustion). Not a a big problem to fix though. There is a drain plug just below the sight glass.
I can't believe that your Honda dealer was not more careful. Don't let him charge you for correcting his mistake!
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You are right

Holy Moly!

You are right! it looks like the dealer put way too much oil in there. I wonder if too much oil could cause those black discharge spots around the ports. I am interested in the dealer's diagnosis, now that my Honda in their hands...

Thanks a ton,
I'm trying really hard NOT to have a mental picture of that!

Ha! I'll bet you had oil, soot, smoke and flame coming out of EVERY orifice after that little faux pas! Uh... not you personally Chris. I'm speaking of the Honda! :D
Let us know what the dealer says.
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Nothing wrong

According to the dealer nothing is wrong with the motor and it did not leak any oil for them. It is strange that the oil level is now magically in the 'normal' range and there are oil drips under the drain screw.

I can't wait for the rain to subside in Atlanta so I can take her out again and see if the problem continues!

Thanks for your help
How Funny!

Oh well, maybe the dealer has learned not to overfill the crankcase in the future. I think you will be very pleased with the Honda 2hp now!
Best regards and send some of that rain to North East Texas. The lake levels are getting low around here!


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An idea too late

I did get some good advice when I was on my Lake Erie sailing trip but I see that you have done a great job from your pics. The suggestion my brother had was to install a bushing through the hollow transom and into the backing plate. I think I will change the holes on the Garelick mount like you did and use this method. Now I just need to find some marine lumber in Columbus Ohio!



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I forgot to mention I haven't replied because I got home to a smoked power supply on my computeer. Warranty parts have been received and installed.

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Thanks for the input and what a bummer about your computer. I tried to wait for you but I was dying to get into this project.

Bushings that run through the fiberglass, but are bound by both pieces of plywood sound like very a good idea. I was also toying with the idea of using toggle bolts, but the marine plywood, glued and screwed, turned out much stronger than I imagined. It should be more than adequate for your lighter electric trolling motor.

Just some thoughts for you as you start your project:

Before you drill into the boat, make certain that the tiller does not interfere with your prop. Get a helper to swing the tiller around while you position the bracket.

I wish I knew ahead of time that the plywood would do a good job of reinforcement. If I were to do it again I'd flip the mounting brackets around so the bolts are closer together, just like Paul suggested in an eariler thread. At the time I was thinking that 'wider was better' for my installation. The lower bolt, in the corner by the side of the boat, seemed like it was set far enough from the side of the boat at first, but the curved plexiglass made it wind up very close to the edge of my plywood.

Be patient, there were no straight lines on my boat. An orbital or belt sander is going to be your best friend.

Don't tighten the nuts too much. Hand-tight plus 1/2-3/4 turn should do the trick.

Good luck finding that marine plywood, it is pricey stuff!



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Good Advice

Thanks for the advice, especially the one about patience! I'll let you know how things turn out.

How's the Honda Running?

cjdavia said:
According to the dealer nothing is wrong with the motor and it did not leak any oil for them. It is strange that the oil level is now magically in the 'normal' range and there are oil drips under the drain screw.

I can't wait for the rain to subside in Atlanta so I can take her out again and see if the problem continues!

Thanks for your help
Did that cure the problem Chris?
Thanks! :)
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I think so....

Thanks for asking!

The dealer told me that they did nothing to my motor, but I noticed oil stains on the cavitation plate under the oil drain plug which leads me to believe they did drain out some excess oil. I've only had the chance to use the motor once, but I had no issues so things are looking up!

The other thing that might have happenned is that the boat might have been squatting too low into the water. When I took it out last I tried my best to sit as far up in the cockpit as possible when then motor is running. Maybe I'll adjust the trim angle out a bit next time and see what happens.

Thanks for all of your help! -chris
Too much oil

I had similar symptoms with a motor scooter when I overfilled the chain gallery.
The chain gallery vent pipe sucked the excess oil into the air cleaner which caused the engine to run very rich and die because of the restriction in the air filter element.

I haven't read all the posts yet, but I'm willing to bet that's all it is.

Steve B.
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