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Platte City, MO Good for parts?


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Today I went and looked at this boat: J24 Sailboat - boats - by owner - marine sale and my heart broke. Such a sad fate for such a wonderful hull, her original gel coat is red and most of the original fittings are present. Unfortunately the deck, cockpit and cabin sole are so soft the boat probably weighs in at double her normal weight, I believe that rain water has penetrated into almost all the balsa has done her in along with a good collision on the starboard side, that has a delaminating repair. The owner is young and seems to be a good sort who got in over their head. On the plus side the trailer is OK, with early rim clamp hubs, the mast and most of the deck hardware appear original. He's willing to go down in price, I'd have got her for the trailer and mast but not sure how I'd get rid of the hull, it's just heartbreaking to see her this way. Just thought I'd post this so people could know in case they are interested.
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