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Plastic Grommets - what are they?


As some of you may know, I recently acquired a 1994 Capri 14 and I'm still figuring things out. One thing that puzzles me are two grommets in the seat risers all the way forward on both sides of the cockpit. They sort of flank the cubby opening and they have some stray fibers poking out from their centers as if they were formerly some sort of rope anchor.

I ordered the Capri handbook from Ed but I can't wait... can anyone tell me what they do? It's driving me crazy!



Those grommets are when a bungee came though from side to side to go under and hold the hiking straps up. To replace them you have to remove the "tunnel box" or rig a toggle of sorts that can go through the holes and connect the new bungee. Most just rig a regular bungee cord with hooks up to the mast tabernacle. Works well and the cord can be used for other needs in a pinch.