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Plastic Cap On The End of the Mast


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Got the boat ready for the next nice day we have, and in doing so I noticed that the plastic cap that you run the halyard through on the mast only has one metal pin holding the cap in. Not sure when and where the other one fell out, but what should I do about this? Is there a way to pin it back in place or do I need to purchase some kind of replacement?

Alan S. Glos

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I am not a fan of the tiny stainless pins that hold end caps in place. First attach the cap with some silicon goop then drill 1/8" holes through the mast wall and the plastic cap and fasten with two pop rivets. Smear some of the silicon goop in the hollow part of the rivets to prevent leaking.

Alan Glos
Czenovia, NY


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Below is the special free part:


signal charlie

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The cap should not come out when the halyard is pulling it down, but if you trailer you could go low tech and use tape to keep from losing it in transit, while you wait for the replacement part.

We've found that using the old pin hole in the mast and then drilling a smaller diameter pilot hole into the new cap works, use a hammer to tap the pin into place.