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Planning Your Sailing Summer


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It is apparent that fewer than 1 percent of you who subscribe to this site will make it to the easter laser regatta this year. That is really too bad as I am certain every single sailor who does make it will have a good or even great time. I will take a special interest in each person to make as certain of that as possible.

but...Lots of you will not make it this year. in fact, if only 99% of you don't come next year we will have 190 boats

Now there are only about 1800 J-22s on the planet but they manage to get 100 on the line occasionally. If we managed 1 / 100th of the turnout percentage rate achieved by the J-22 class, we would have a 200 boat easter laser regatta next year.

is it really that high falutin' of a goal to set to be 1 / 100th as good at getting our friends to events as the J-22 class??

Dop you realize the J-22 class does not have a paid office staff and we do?? And the amateur staff running the J-22 class gets 100 times the turnout??

Let's quit embarassing ourselves and figure out how to organize fleets and regattas.

next years dates are already up on the easter laser regatta Website.

How about if you put it on your calendar now so you can be sure to help yourself have a fun weekend.

and let's start working on the logistics now!!!